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Step Three

HomeNow purchase property using £168,940 of Investor Funds with remainder financed via fixed rate loan. Minimum LTV 50%. Strong collateral

Step One

A person wants to purchase a £300k  home though cannot afford the deposit so contacts HomeNow

  • Tenant chooses the property they want.

  • HomeNow will advise if  suitable.

Image by Bethany Opler

A social investment fund helping people to make the step from house renter to home owner

Business Meeting

Aspirational Home Owners

HomeNow perform necessary checks and approvals and the person(s) is approved to proceed. Credit, affordability, Likelihood of obtaining a mortgage in future

Step Two

House Viewing

Step Four

The person(s) rents the house from HomeNow and pays  fixed monthly amount  for 5 years. Tenant pays towards additional benefits. 5 year fixed annuity revenue (assumes zero default)

Family Viewing House

After 5 years value has risen by 15% * to £345,000. Resident entitled to 33% of increase to contribute towards a deposit. Investor receives 66%. Positive social impact

Step Five

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