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Canary Wharf London



Highly Predictable Income

5-year tenancy agreement with agreed rent and insurance to protect lost income from tenants change in circumstance

Positive Social Impact

The investment benefits society

Reduced Costs

Compared to traditional
BTL as tenant is responsible for maintenance or loses equity benefit

Reduced Defaults

Tenant feels sense of ownership as they accumulate equity in the property

Portfolio Diversification

Access to UK residential property market with diverse portfolio of real assets as collateral

Screenshot 2020-11-27 at 13.30.59.png

The Assets

Invests in residential real estate, initially focused in the Midlands and South East England

Modern Living Room

5-year closed ended fund with expected LTV of 65% ringfenced from Fund Manager. Investments cannot be redeemed for at least 5 years.


Apartment Building

Annual dividend of 5.5% and 5 year IRR of 7.2%. Total return on investment over 5 years of 30%

Upfront fee of 2% of amount invested. Annual performance fee equivalent to 10% of net profits.

(All target returns are after fees)

Target Returns and Fees

Modern House

Current Fund

Invested funds currently yielding annual dividend of 6.2% after fees

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